SCS Forwarding Agent has been set up in Mersin

by Mr Ali SACAN and now gives sea , air and land freight services according to its customers’ needs with the centeral Office in Mersin and its branch offices in 12 different cities of Turkey. SCS Forwarding Agent

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SCS Mission

Forseeing expectations and needs of our customers making, handling communications effectively, correctly.

SCS Vision

Open for new experieneces, be able to take intiative, to implement the training taken,to train creative.

SCS Quality

To ensure to give all forwrading services according to the laws legislations and other legal regulations.


Forwarding Industry is always opened to development and innovation.These changes is developing paralel to transport Technologies.

Sea Freight Services

SCS makes the seas ,that is handicaps between continets , road for you.

Air Freight Services

ur company presents air freight service and door-to door freight servic.

Land Freight Services

SCS FORWARDING presents land freight service to our customers.

SCS Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can find general questions that come to us. If you have other questions in mind, you can ask questions from the contact menu.

What makes SCS Forwarding unique?

The unmatched diversity of SCS Forwarding's service offerings allows our customers to optimize how they service each of their key audiences. Combine our years of operational experience with our unrivaled state-of-the-art IT systems in the industry and it's easy to see why we continue to be the market leader.

How does SCS Forwarding offer best-in-breed service across all of its service offerings?

Our customers benefit from having immediate support from subject matter experts across multiple fields who, working as a team, allow you to receive the best solution(s) for your challenges.

What combination of services does NGL offer?

SCS Forwarding is the only full-service logistics provider who offers a diverse suite of services, including NFO, Ground Courier, Forward Stocking Locations (FSL) along with the ability to provide larger scale warehousing and distribution services, all under one roof. By combining several different services under the same provider, companies are able to operate more efficiently and economically.

What happens if there are delays in Express Transportation service or I do not like the quality of service you deliver?

SCS Forwarding proactively notifies customers if delays occur. Our Global Control Center service team is available 24/7/365. Customer Solutions Consultants are prepared to respond to most service issues as they arise. Escalated issues may be directed to the on-duty lead or supervisor, or emailed to