Land Freight Service

SCS FORWARDING presents land freight service to our customers with the help of truck fleet of FNC Group and WCA Family members. All of the vehicles at any time under the control of a satellite tracking system. In this way, the vehicle position can be monitored in real-time. If there is a need instructions sent to you via satellite, to drive changes at the last minute notice may be given, and this enables us to act flexibly according to customer requirements.

International Transport Agreements

  • TIR (Transport International Routiers) : TIR Carnets under the auspices of the Customs Convention on the International carriage of goods
  • CMR (Convention Mondiale Routiere) : Agreement on International Transport of Goods by Road
  • ADR (Accord Dangereuse Routiers) : International regulations regarding the transport of Dangerous Goods by Road (for European countries)

Establishments about the Sector

  • IRU (International Road Transport Union)
  • FIATA (Federation Internationale des Associations de Transitaires et Assimiles)  : Organizers International Federation of Associations of Transport jobs
  • UND  : International Freight Forwarders Association
  • RODER : Ro-Ro Vessel Operators and Combined Transporters Association
  • UTIKAD  : Association of International Freight Forwarders and Logistics Service Providers

Truck Types

  • Standard tilt trucks
  • Flat Semi-trailers
  • Jumbo Semi-trailer
  • Mega Semi-trailer
  • Truck + Trailer
  • Special Trucks
  • refrigerated vehicles
  • Hanging garments vehicles for the transport of

The coil
    vehicles for the transport of

  • Glass for the transport of vehicles
  • heavy vehicles for transportation
  • passenger car vehicles for the transport of